Lazy Days
Whether traveling for business, for leisure, or a combination of both being away from home and the routines of everyday life provides an opportunity to re-center. Some guests need more help than others, but little details, visual and tactile treats, can tempt even the most high-strung business traveler to take a deep breath, sit back, and relax (even if only for a moment). Those moments can be priceless. Knowing just what to do to get them there is your job. Bringing your vision to life through expert craftsmanship and dedication to your success is ours.

The Tandem Bench

Perched atop solid American black walnut legs and a vacuum-coated gunmetal frame sits a delicately shaped and updated Windsor silhouette back. The vertical slats seamlessly curve into the sides, begging the occupant to lean back and relax as they sink into a cushion whose leather has been oiled and milled overnight to soften and further enhance its surface feel and natural appearance. Delicate yet strong, like the rest of the bench, the cushion exudes simple elegance with this less-is-more approach.

Finally, natural rattan detail adds visual interest and the adjustable table offers a perfect surface for a beverage or a good book. The bench’s individual elements come together to deliver a balance of comfort, function and style.

The Unshod Ottoman

With detailing reminiscent of fine luggage, this petite perch commands attention wherever it is placed. Pale gold geometric patterned fabric wraps a metal frame built to withstand the amount of use we know this little ottoman is going to get.

Once your guests run their fingers over the black velvet surface that crowns this fun addition to quite literally any room its “shoes off, feet up time.” We recommend the metal handle covered in top-grain leather to make it easy to move around the room, though you may have to remove it if too many shoeless guests start lugging them everywhere on the property.

The Alsace Lounge Chair & Drift Accent Table

Inspired by the open-back alpine influenced chairs popular in 1950s France, the Alsace Lounge Chair strives to reflect the slightly folk craft and design of small batch production from local workshops. The chair combines classic, mid-century lines with 21st century touches. Soft curves and plush channel tufted upholstery on full-density foam provide comfort and support. The distinctly modern gunmetal front frame and two-tone chromatic gradient wood finish add visual intrigue and a sense of modernity.

Equally deserving of the spotlight, and likely to steal it from time to time, is a striking accent table featuring Calacatta Viola marble resting atop an organic sculptural base. Varying length black walnut and gunmetal “legs” provide a sense of movement and in the evening the table can almost appear as if floating.