Our Approach

At TLC Hospitality

We have committed to becoming a trusted partner and top-tier provider of custom furnishings to the hospitality industry worldwide.

We have convinced more hard-charging, like-minded individuals to join the team, incorporating their experience base and enhancing our processes as a result.

We have diversified sourcing, solidified relationships with world-class manufacturing and logistics partners, and modernized our U.S. and Asia warehouse operations.

And importantly, we’ve been given the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to a growing number of customers. If you are among them, thank you. If not, let’s get started.

Our Approach

  • Collaborative concepting
  • Deep partnerships with design firms, purchasing agents, and developers
  • Dedicated domestic and international Engineering/PD teams
  • Access to proprietary raw material sourcing
  • State-of-the-art factories
  • Dedicated Logistics Management and best-of-breed supply chain partners
  • Customized reporting and project dashboard views
  • Turnkey customs management

Our Customer Promise

We Are Obsessed with Customer Service

Focused on every detail to ensure a flawless experience

We Are Industry Leaders

Innovators in custom furnishings, at the forefront of market trends

We Help Realize Your Creative Vision

Leveraging our extensive design and manufacturing expertise

We Make Amazing Products

Delivering best-in-class quality and durability

We Will Always Be There for You

A trusted partner through every step of the process

Our Customer Support Model